Breast Augmentation

Ladies today are now much more highly educated, well-informed and knowledgeable and are actively seeking for ways to better improve their figure. With the advancement of medical technology, many procedures which used to be considered invasive and require long hospitalization are now considered to be minimally invasive and much more affordable. Further, with a wealth of extensive research, implants are now considered a very safe and effective way for many women to give their figure a boost!

The different breast augmentation techniques can be classified as:

1. Silicone Implants
2. Saline Implants
3. Breast Lift (also known as Mastopexy) to correct droopy breasts
4. Breast reduction
5. Nipple Plasty

Why Breast Enlargement

Breasts are important for the body image, perhaps one of the most important on the body. The breast makes a woman appear more sensual, proportional, but most of all, boosts her confidence from the boardroom to the bedroom.

Small breasts

Many women have small breasts due to “poor genetics”, which are part of their race, or family. These can be easily corrected with the insertion of an appropriate sized implant, or injection of a filler.

Unequal breasts

Some women have unequal breast sizes. When this occurs, it is possible to insert an implant to equalize the size, or if the woman wants to have augmentation at the same time, 2 different sized implants can be inserted, one bigger than the other, in an attempt to equalize the breasts size.

Droopy Breasts

Many women, after pregnancy, may experience the deflation of their breasts, which were usually engorged with milk during the pregnancy and lactation days. Very unfortunately, the ligaments (also called Cooper ligaments) which support the breast were stretched during the pregnancy and this leads to droopiness of the breasts tissue, and flattening and deflation. After replacing the lost volume using breast implants or fillers, the firmness and perkiness returns. Many women desire to be back to the size they had during their pregnancy.

In some slightly more severe cases, where the breast has drooped significantly, This procedure involves removal of extra skin before stitching up to create an inverted T shaped scar. Scars aside, the breast would be lifted significantly and the excess weight and sigginess will be gone. Sometimes, this procedure is coupled with breast reduction surgery, where the surgeon removes some of the glands tissue so that the entire volume of the breast is also smaller and lighter than before.

Nipple Plasty

For readers who have large or deformed nipples, it is possible for the plastic surgeon to do a minor reconstruction, which will basically allow the nipple to become smaller, or even to correct inverted nipples.

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