Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Surgery

There are several types of eyelid surgery, by far the commonest in Singapore is the double eyelid surgery. This is important for Asian ladies to look more Asian, and alluring double eyelids are an important asset to the most beautiful ladies. Eyebags make a person look tired. Lower blepharoplasty, or more commonly termed “eyebag removal surgery” is warranted in cases where there is too much bulging fats below the eyelid. Medial and Lateral Epicanthoplasty is a procedure used to release the tight folds of skin surrounding the eye, resulting in a bigger and brighter looking eye.

Double Eyelid Surgery

Let’s look at some of common requests on why people undergo double eyelids creation.

Upper Eyelid with 1 Single Crease
It is not uncommon for one to have only one single eyelid crease at birth. However, double upper eyelid creases are considered to be a more desirable facial feature as having double eyelids are deemed to effect in:

Prettier eyes: Deeper and more defined eyes
(Imagine a simple plain curtain versus a curtain with various folds to give a 3-dimensional depth)

Brighter eyes: Big eyes can make a person look more radiant (especially for ladies)

However, for guys, most will not request for a dynamic change as many felt that too big eyes look girlish or fierce on men.

Uneven Upper Eyelid Creases

If the upper eyelids creases are noticeably uneven with one eyelid higher than the other, this may result in the eyes looking unequal too! o.O Correction of the eyelids asymmetry can make a dramatic difference to the overall looks of a person.

Irregularity of the upper eyelids crease, where the crease is absent in one eye

Some people have very thin upper eyelid crease (more commonly known as hidden upper eyelid crease). Although this is pretty common and may not bother some, this condition may bother the beauty conscious.

Saggy-looking eyes

The droopiness can be revision by tightening the upper eyelid skin.

Upper Eyelids Folds which are Soft or the Presence of with several creases

Lower Eyelid/Eyebag Surgery

Why Remove?

As much as we hate fats, fats are essential for our well-being. These fatty tissues present around the eyes help to cushion the eye. With Mother Nature at work, we are bound to age. And as we age and due to gravitational forces, our skin will become loose and sag. Fats behind the eye globe which acted as a cushioning fat will also start to sag and together with the sagging of the lower eyelids skin, a protruding bag is formed.

Although eyebags will not hinder one’s sight; they are not aesthetically appealing, making one looking grumpy and haggard. Luckily, there are procedures they can remove the eyebags can improve one’s look.

Eyebags can be classified in a few classes.

Class 1 and 2 are most often noted in teenagers and people in the 20, which will make them look constantly tired. Class 3 Eyebags are usually evident in older adults.

Eyebags can be removal through a surgery known as lower blepharoplasty. The blepharoplasty surgery can be further classified into 2 different types – scar and scarless. The former blepharoplasty is best performed if one’s undereylid skin is very lax, as the skin will be excised and tightened. The latter is a minimally invasive surgery and is more suitable for individuals whose skin still has good laxity.


Dependent on how invasive and the modal, one can return to work 3-14 days post surgery. Some bruising and swelling may still be visible, but can be concealed with make up.


Opening of the inner and outer corners of the eye are important in Asian eyes, where the epicanthal folds (the fold of skin across the middle) cause the eye to look very small.

Epicanthoplasty is a procedure practiced by plastic surgeons to simply release this fold so that the skin is looser and can stretch upwards and outwards from the eye, making the entire eye appear much bigger.

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