Verdict of Coroner’s Inquiry into the first liposuction death in Singapore

Day 1: Inquest hears of liposuction patient’s final hours
剖尸报告: 总裁抽脂 肠多处被刺破致死
助理护士: 手术完成后 病人没睁开眼睛和说话
死者曾以假名 到另家诊所去脂
死者女友: 致电诊所  却没被告知他已出事
Day 2: Nurse grilled on sequence of events
抽取脂肪与血水 护士承认习惯估算
Day 3: I did not cause death, says doctor
负责监察病人医生:手术后情况稳定 病人死非我造
Day 4: Record kept of sedative dosage, says doc
Day 5: Doc a veteran of ‘over 550′ procedures
黄明汉医生: 病人了解手术风险同意支付1万元
Day 6: Doctor quizzed over toilet break
操刀医生承认 肠是在手术时被刺破
Day 7: Liposuction death: Doc reveals his training
为总裁抽脂致死医生 上三天抽脂课便独立施手术
Day 8: Nothing wrong with way doctor did op: Expert
专家: 惊讶新加坡允许整形医生负责麻醉工作
Day 9: Doc who did liposuction ‘unqualified’
Day 10: Expert questions autopsy findings
Day 11: No press coverage
Day 12: No press coverage
Day 13: Monitoring of patient ‘grossly inadequate’
Day 14: Pathologist stands by autopsy findings
政府专家证人坚称 肠多处遭刺破致死
Day 15: Propofol can be best friend or worst enemy, says expert
“商人抽脂死亡案” 证人专家证人:卫生部没有丙泊酚使用指导原则

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